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  Handbook On Supported Education: Providing Services For Student With Psychiatric Disabilities by Karen V. Unger, MSW, Ed.D. Published by Paul H. Brooks Publishing Co., 1998.

This user-friendly book offers step-by-step guidelines for working with people with psychiatric disabilities as they return to an educational setting.  Written in an informal, direct style, this readable volume takes the guesswork out of helping clients rejoin or remain in colleges, universities, trade or professional schools, and GED programs.  Easy-to-understand explanations of legislation, behavioral interventions, medication and other complex topics as well as stories of real-life experiences make this an invaluable resource.

Handbook On Supported Education is available at Barnes &  or other on-line bookstores.



Supported Education Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) Kit     SAMHSA

Provides information and resources for implementing supported education to enable consumers to pursue goals that have been interrupted due to symptoms of behavioral health conditions. Includes information on getting started, delivering services, and evaluation.

Click on the the following link to obtain the kit.


“Supported Education as a Vehicle for Transformational Change in Mental Health Treatment Philosophy" in Community Psychology and Community Mental Health, (Eds.) Geoffrey Nelson, Brent Kloos and Jose Ornelas. Oxford University Press. This chapter by Dr. Unger describes the concept of supported education and the importance of forming community coalitions to develop the broad-based input and support necessary to fully realize the potential for supported education as a vital part of transforming our ideas of mental illness and mental health services.


“Guidelines for Providing Supported Education” in Mental Health Pocket Guide, in combination with the Social Workers’ Desk Reference, Second Edition, Albert Roberts, Editor-in-chief. Oxford University Press.  This chapter, written by Karen Unger, provides direction for supported education on evidence-based strategies, intervention approaches, cases and research.


BRAIN HEALTH FOR LIFE: Beyond Pills, Politics and Popular Diets

We were designed to live a long, healthy life free from disease and disability. Knowing what to eat, what to avoid and how to change your lifestyle to support your brain health will start you on the road to taking control of your mental and physical health and staying strong, vibrant and intellectually sharp throughout your lifespan. Brain Health for Life will guide you on this journey.

Brain Health for Life will answer these questions.

     • What makes a brain healthy?
     • What harms the brain?
     • How can you maximize your own brain health?

In clear, readable language, based on the latest scientific research, this book will tell you:

     • How our current food supply and culture makes us unhealthy.
     • How the brain and body work together to promote health.
     • What foods to eat and why you should eat them.
     • Foods and products you should avoid.
     • How lifestyle can enhance your brain health.
     • A simple plan to create and maintain a healthy brain for life.

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