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Supported Education







Key Elements of Supported Education

Supported education reflects the assumption that education is a community resource to which all should have access.  It expresses the belief that people with mental illness can learn, attend classes, and improve their vocational options.  The core principles imply practices that promote participation in education programs for all who express interest.

The mission of supported education is to help people with serious mental illness participate in an education program so they may receive the education and training they need to achieve their learning and recovery goals and/or become gainfully employed in the job or career of their choice.

Core Principles:
     1. Access to and participation in an education program is the goal.
     2. Eligibility is based on consumer choice.
     3. Supported education services begin soon after the consumer expresses interest.
     4. Supported education is integrated with treatment.
     5. Follow-along supports are continuous.
     6. Consumer preferences guide services.
     7. Supported education is strength based and promotes growth and hope.
     8. Recovery is an on-going process facilitated by meaningful roles.

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